My Talks, Debates & Articles

Here are a selection of talks I’ve done, if you’re interested in booking me as a speaker for a debate, CU lunchbar, university missions week, men’s breakfast or Evangelistic talk please leave a comment below or find me on facebook.

Talks & Debates

Debate at the University of Sussex 2015 – How many do you see? Most of the debate is on youtube here.

Unbelievable? Conference 2012 – Confessions of Former Atheist’s featuring Daniel Rodger, Peter Byrom & Hugh Ross here.

The Clarkson Academy 2014 – How to Present the Pro-life Case and Respond to Objections here.

I Moderated a debate between Shabir Ally & Jonathan McLatchie – What is God like: Tawhid or Trinity? here.


3 ways Christians can stand up to free-speech bullies who want to shut us up – Premier Christianity Blog here.

3 things that keep men out of the Church – Premier Christianity Blog here.

Is Christianity a psychological crutch? – UCCF Bethinking here.

Four reasons why every Christian should be Pro-life – Premier Christianity Blog here.


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