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A Response to Bill Nye’s Video on Abortion

Bill Nye (AKA The Science Guy) is famous in the US for promoting science and he recently produced an ‘educational’ video where he defends abortion and claims to debunk prolife arguments against abortion. Nye talks a lot about facts, which is strange because, last time I checked, he was a trained Mechanical Engineer and not … Continue reading

Does Aspen Baker present a better way to discuss Abortion?

A few months ago Aspen Baker presented a TED talk on Abortion that has been viewed nearly one million times and has been lauded for its simplicity, honesty and insight. Unfortunately it’s not really any of those things. Aspen observes that discussing abortion can be “polarizing”, this isn’t really a revelation for anyone. If a … Continue reading

Why are some Labour MP’s and BPAS trying to restrict your free speech? Are there good reasons for introducing “buffer zones”?

Over the last few weeks a number of Labour MP’s have been trying to introduce plans for “buffer zones” outside Abortion Clinics so women and staff don’t have to face ‘intimidation and abuse’ from protesters says the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper (it doesn’t matter that there is no evidence for those claims though). Then … Continue reading

Six short Pro-life responses to six popular Pro-choice slogans – Part two

So if you want to read and share the first three Pro-choice slogans I responded to please click here. 4. ‘Vote Pro-choice. Politicians make crappy doctors.’ Postmen would likewise make crappy airline pilots and sushi chefs would probably make bad car mechanics, so at least the part of this slogan that makes up its core … Continue reading

Six short Pro-life responses to Six popular Pro-choice slogans – Part one

If one wants to be prepared to defend the pro-life position there exists a number of great resources from philosophers around like Francis Beckwith, Stephen D. Schwarz, Christopher Kaczor, Scott Klusendorf and Patrick Lee. Yet very few people who hold to the Pro-life view have ever perused their pages of their books, this leaves many … Continue reading