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Freedom go to Hell

I went for a walk a couple of days ago and I started to rethink a conversation that I had had with a pleasant young Muslim the day before. It struck me that something I had said during this discussion in another country could’ve ended with my death. The discussion I had entered was on … Continue reading

London ‘Christian Thinkers’

Since becoming a Christian some ten years ago now I’ve noticed that there appears at least to me a distinct lack of intellectual dialogue in the Christian community. I am not saying that Christian Churches are full of people who are stupid. What I am saying is that the Church is very often full of … Continue reading

Is the Qur’an a literary miracle?

I have a Muslim friend who once told me that the Qur’an is perfect, immutable, beautiful and impossible to reproduce, such that most Arabic speakers/readers are unable to deny its miraculous origins. This claim in based upon what is written in Surah 2:23 which reads, ‘And if you are in doubt about what We have … Continue reading

Would Muhammad want the Paris attackers punished?

Muslim leaders have been on the TV a lot lately, rightly so after the attacks in Paris. Only this morning as I sat in bed a Muslim leader on the BBC was telling me how peaceful Muhammad was, and how he would have been distraught at what had happened in Paris. The problem is I’m … Continue reading