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Responding to Mythicism: Does Paul tell us anything about Jesus?

It has been claimed by mythicists that Paul (some even claim Paul himself didn’t exist) didn’t know much about Jesus, and it has been suggested that Paul didn’t really understand Jesus to have been an actual historical person and therefore hadn’t in fact been crucified under Pontius Pilate. Contrary to such claims Paul does in … Continue reading

Did Christians used to teach that the Earth was flat?

Ever heard that Christians used to think the world was flat? I have, in fact this historical error found it’s way into a number of teaching texts from the nineteenth century onwards so successfully that people still think that many Christians used to teach that the earth was flat. Children are still taught this is … Continue reading

Michael Paulkovich and why internet atheists make bad historians

Michael Paulkovich is an easy target because his ‘research’ is so poor, I’d never heard of him before the internet started fanning the flames of his terribly historically inept work on the historical Jesus. You can find one such article here and it even made it to the lofty heights of the Daily Mail. I … Continue reading