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A New Atheist Meme Explained: Women, Bibles, Guns, the Qur’an, and… a White Man

I help run and admin a great group of Christians at UK Apologetics on Facebook, occasionally members post some of the memes their enlightened Atheist friends share with them. Most of them are not very good, so after seeing a few over the last couple of days I thought I would examine some of them … Continue reading

What I’ve learnt during my first week of being a dad

I’m most of the way through my first week of being a dad and so I thought I’d share a few thoughts and I would love to hear from other new dads or even those who are more experienced. I’ll keep it short because as you can imagine I don’t have long before my daughter … Continue reading

Should men be able to speak about Abortion?

There is a popular ‘defeater’ that is commonly brought up by pro-abortion/choice women whenever men present their views in support of human life and against the intentional killing of the most vulnerable members of the human community through abortion. It pretty much amounts to little more than, ‘you have no right to speak about abortion … Continue reading