I'm a Holmesian Christian, a former atheist, university lecturer and a husband of one wife.
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4 reasons why every Christian should be pro-life

I wrote an article a few weeks ago for Premier Christianity Blog which was picked up by Lifenews.com and shared a couple of thousand times and can be viewed here. Or you can read the original Premier article here. Your comments are welcome as usual.

‘Five massive lies the Bible tells about Jesus’ – A Response

As a former Atheist who has been a Christian in the UK for the last ten years I’ve grown accustomed to criticism of Jesus in the media, especially over the Easter period. Just in time for Holy week Rob Waugh wrote an article last week titled ‘Five massive lies the Bible tells about Jesus’. In … Continue reading

3 ways Christians can stand up to free-speech bullies who want to shut us up

I recently posted my second post on the Premier Christianity blog which has provoked lots of comments. Please stop by, have a read and leave a comment. You can read it here >>> http://www.premierchristianity.com/Blog/3-ways-Christians-can-stand-up-to-free-speech-bullies-who-want-to-shut-us-up

3 things that keep men out of the Church

I recently wrote an article for Premier Christianity which you can read at the following link http://www.premierchristianity.com/Blog/3-things-that-keep-men-out-of-the-Church Feel free to share it, argue with me, or agree with me, and leave a comment. Cheers

A Response to Bill Nye’s Video on Abortion

Bill Nye (AKA The Science Guy) is famous in the US for promoting science and he recently produced an ‘educational’ video where he defends abortion and claims to debunk prolife arguments against abortion. Nye talks a lot about facts, which is strange because, last time I checked, he was a trained Mechanical Engineer and not … Continue reading

Does Aspen Baker present a better way to discuss Abortion?

A few months ago Aspen Baker presented a TED talk on Abortion that has been viewed nearly one million times and has been lauded for its simplicity, honesty and insight. Unfortunately it’s not really any of those things. Aspen observes that discussing abortion can be “polarizing”, this isn’t really a revelation for anyone. If a … Continue reading

London Christian Thinkers Event – What to do when the Jehovahs Witnesses knock?

I recently set up a bi-monthly meeting for Christians in London, we had our first meeting in June and we’ll be having our second meeting on the 8th of August which you are invited to attend. We had 40 people at our first meeting where we had Jay Smith talk on Islam, and this time … Continue reading

A New Atheist Meme Explained: Women, Bibles, Guns, the Qur’an, and… a White Man

I help run and admin a great group of Christians at UK Apologetics on Facebook, occasionally members post some of the memes their enlightened Atheist friends share with them. Most of them are not very good, so after seeing a few over the last couple of days I thought I would examine some of them … Continue reading

Freedom go to Hell

I went for a walk a couple of days ago and I started to rethink a conversation that I had had with a pleasant young Muslim the day before. It struck me that something I had said during this discussion in another country could’ve ended with my death. The discussion I had entered was on … Continue reading

London ‘Christian Thinkers’

Since becoming a Christian some ten years ago now I’ve noticed that there appears at least to me a distinct lack of intellectual dialogue in the Christian community. I am not saying that Christian Churches are full of people who are stupid. What I am saying is that the Church is very often full of … Continue reading