You can read my testimony of sorts in greater detail here.

I used to run a blog called the Failed Atheist, it was a place where I put my thoughts as I worked through my new life as a Christian. Having not blogged regularly for some time, I thought I’d resurrect the old name and try to get blogging regularly again. If you like what you read please feel free to share, comment or get in contact.

A bit about me.

I grew up in a secular dysfunctional single parent home in South London and considered myself an atheist throughout my teens. When I was 20 I spent over a year re-examining my worldview and seeing if it stood up to scrutiny, which I concluded it didn’t. After reading through the best arguments of Philosophers and Theologians I concluded that believing in God didn’t require me to leave my brain behind.

I then began reading the New Testament and became drawn to the person of Jesus and decided that I wanted to follow him, so I did in 2005.

I’ve since then had the opportunity to go back to school, go to university and currently working full-time in the NHS. Also been blessed with an awesome wife and a beautiful daughter who I totally adore.

Cheers for reading.

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” – Kant


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across your blog through a google search. I, too, am a failed atheist. I spent a bit more time as an atheist, (I didn’t become a Christian until age 53, almost 4 years ago), and, having read the article you linked for the different ‘types’ of atheism, I was a combination of intellectual atheist and anti-theist. I used to poke fun of Christians all the time, for their hypocrisy and their magical god. I used to blog quite a bit, but haven’t done much since coming to know God. I wrote about political stuff, the ongoing restoration of our Victorian era home, and our pets – a cat, a yorkie-maltese mix, and our two oversized Airedale Terriers. I am sure I’ll enjoy reading through your blog, and who knows, maybe I’ll start back into it too!


    Posted by Robert Griffiths | July 18, 2015, 4:08 am
    • Hey Robert, glad you stumbled upon my blog 😉 Definitely keep blogging and please send me a link, my blogging is sporadic mostly I can’t think of anything to write about and I have a young baby.

      Please check out the recommended books if you’re looking for some good reads. Was there anything in particular that persuaded you that Christianity was true?


      Posted by @failedatheist | July 21, 2015, 8:30 am
  2. It wasn’t by any source of reason or anything else really, it was just the grace of God . The Gospel of John showed me who Jesus was. But that’s the short answer, the long answer is when you read my story, to find out why I even picked up a Bible in the first place.

    My blog is http://www.1160main.com/blog. I think pretty much everything on there is from before I fell down before the One True Wise and Living God.

    I’ll try to get some new stuff up there at some point. Most likely candidate will be my story.


    Posted by Robert Griffiths | July 28, 2015, 2:02 pm


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