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Francis Collins vs New Atheists

Shadow To Light

In my previous posting, we uncovered the ironic fact that while Richard Dawkins, the world’s most famous atheist, calls upon scientists to join his anti-religious culture war, Francis Collins, a biologist and evangelical Christian, has actually generated more scientific knowledge than Dawkins.

So what if we tried to help Dawkins by enlisting the work of his fellow Gnu leaders who are also biologists – Jerry Coyne, Sam Harris, and PZ Myers? After all, these three men have viciously attacked Collins on the internet. They publicly opposed Collin’s nomination to head the NIH by suggesting, without any evidence, that his religious faith would lead him to somehow harm the funding of scientific research. Harris has claimed that Collins “has repudiated the scientific worldview” and is “a man who believes that understanding ourselves through science is impossible.” He has also insisted:

There is no question but that nominally religious scientists like…

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I'm a Holmesian Christian, a former atheist, university lecturer and a husband of one wife.


2 thoughts on “Francis Collins vs New Atheists

  1. I guess that would be that, as a Christian, Collins knows who and what he believes, and has people, i.e. apologists, covering his back so he can focus on doing what he gets paid by the American taxpayer to do.


    Posted by jakecole0171 | March 2, 2015, 6:28 pm


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