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A Christian Response to Stephen Fry on God and Suffering

I had originally wanted to take some time looking into the claims made my Stephen Fry in his recent interview on the meaning of life made famous in a shorter viral video. In it he describes what he would say to God and most of it pertains to the presence of suffering in the world and how he could never worship such a God. I recorded a short video examining some of Fry’s claims although I’m the first to admit I haven’t addressed some of the more challenging aspects, simply because I had been in a rush because my daughters been sick.

There have been a number of Christian written responses, here are some of the better ones from ‘The Long Defeat’, Krish Kandiah, P.J. Saunders, and ‘Steadfast Reflections’.

Here’s my own short video (done in a rush!)

Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll look at responding to the tougher aspects of his claims next time, e.g. how can we worship a God who allows the presence of suffering etc. Fry says nothing new, but he is saying the sort of thing, albeit more eloquently that most people bring up when it come to objecting to God’s existence.


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I'm a Holmesian Christian, a former atheist, university lecturer and a husband of one wife.


3 thoughts on “A Christian Response to Stephen Fry on God and Suffering

  1. Brother, I have not watched the viral video of Stephen Fry’s. I am not sure when I will or if I will. But if what you state in your video is a true representation of his worldview, then his thinking is not so surprising to me. I believe that many Christians ask the same question of why our all-loving Father would allow us so much suffering and pain. I go over it in my own mind when it comes to the health issues that my own ten-year old sister faces. But I am saddened that many theists, deists, and atheists tend to limit God to just one thing or one attribute. Yes, God is All-Loving, but I, as a Christian theist, would also assert that He is All-knowing (based on what I have seen as the truth found in Scripture), so it could be possible that there is a future cure that will end all suffering in this God’s “Mind.” Also, if He is so ignorant of our suffering, why then would a Man called Jesus, who stated that He was the Son of God, and also showed Himself to be God the Son, face such significant suffering in being flogged and beaten as He was. Would not a silly deity show Himself to be uncaring of the pain of those He creates? Or would not a silly diety cause us pain and suffering continuously and make it never ending? Why am I alive and well and my sister faces so many issues if God is so limited? I believe man limits God (or tries to) because man has such a limited view of the God who is immaterial and more than we can imagine. How can I completely know the Diety to which I attribute the only way that I could ever have been created?

    I believe we all should be deep in thought on who we consider God to be when we question His workings in our natural world.

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    Posted by Jerome Danner | February 4, 2015, 3:15 pm
  2. You know that a lot of suffering in this world is actually directly related to sinfulness. The conditions in Africa have been caused by wars squishing the people there between radical communism (atheism) and jihadists (Islam). If Stephen’s so curious as to why God would allow such suffering maybe he should check the beam in his own eye and question the philosophy which led to the creation of the forces causing so much heartache in Africa.


    Posted by Jonathan | February 11, 2016, 11:42 pm


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