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Six short Pro-life responses to six popular Pro-choice slogans – Part two

So if you want to read and share the first three Pro-choice slogans I responded to please click here.

4. ‘Vote Pro-choice. Politicians make crappy doctors.’

Postmen would likewise make crappy airline pilots and sushi chefs would probably make bad car mechanics, so at least the part of this slogan that makes up its core is most likely factually accurate (unless one is both a trained physician and politician). However, whether politicians make poor doctors or not doesn’t by any means lead me to think that I ought to allow the intentional killing of unborn and developing human beings.

It should also be pointed out being a doctor is no guarantee that one will arrive at a sound moral conclusion, they have their own world-view and biases as much as any other person. Politicians have a responsibility to make decisions that not everyone is going to agree with, but nevertheless that’s the role they are in and I imagine a great many doctors would make crappy politicians.

I could just as easily turn this slogan around and with just as much legitimacy make a similar slogan that read ‘Vote Pro-life. Politicians make crappy doctors’. Both would be poorly argued slogans but in reality slogans usually make poor arguments, although they do often represent the logic of the larger movement. Which in this case would be rather poor logic, so take from that what you can.

5. ‘May the fetus you save be gay.’

This one more than any other slogan I’ve addressed literally stinks of hypocrisy. Assuming the whole premise of abortion as a women’s right means implicitly that abortion kills hundreds or thousands of developing human beings every year that would have grown up to be gay. So in principle the pro-choice movement has no problem with killing the LGBT community, as long as it’s before they’re born. It is the Pro-life position that argues from philosophy and science that all human life should be respected and not intentionally killed through abortion. So whilst the Pro-choice position tries to mock the Pro-life position it simply demonstrates its own internal hypocrisy by defending the killing of those they claim to defend once they are grown up.

To accuse those who hold the Pro-life position as homophobic only serves as a red herring because the Pro-choice lobby would rather move the discussion away from the reality of what they defend, which is a violent act that tears apart the most vulnerable members of the human community.

The Pro-life position is that abortion takes the life of a whole, developing, distinct and defenseless human being. To kill an unborn human being to benefit others is unequivocally a moral wrong. To justify killing them means putting them outside our common moral circle and views them as outsiders who are different to us, similar to how people throughout history have justified numerous cases of human cruelty. Abortion therefore treats the developing human fetus as something dispensable and without its own intrinsic moral worth.

6. ‘Stop the war on women.’

Lets get this straight, there is not a war on women. The vast majority of those active in the Pro-life movement are women so it is difficult to suggest that a movement is ideologically at war against itself. It is this sort of rhetoric that sums up many of the Pro-choice slogans, strong on rhetoric but weak on substance.

If men could get pregnant abortion would still be wrong, the debate is focused on women because it is women who get pregnant and primarily procure abortion. Abortion is not about men against women it’s about the nature of the unborn and whether or not killing them is morally permissible. Those are questions that must be asked by both men and women and the answers to them will determine where you will stand on the issue of abortion.

I’m a man myself so if you think my gender stops my points having any legitimacy please remember that arguments do not have genders and that women make the very same points I have done.

If you like this series please share and let me know of any other Pro-choice slogans you would like me to respond to in the future, I’m more than happy to do so in depth if required!

Thanks for reading.


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