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Gods Existence

New Video Resources: The Kalam Cosmological & Fine Tuning Arguments


Reasonable Faith have produced two exceptionally good video resources to watch and share on the Kalam and Fine tuning arguments for God. These are great to debate, share and discuss because these arguments are so frequently either misunderstood or the subject of poorly informed criticism. These will be of special importance for A-Level students, studying Philosophy and/or Religious Studies, as well as for any Christians and seekers looking to explore why we think it’s reasonable to think God exists.

The Fine Tuning of the Universe

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Let me know what you thought and please share away and get those views up so we can have more informed and fruitful discussion regardless of worldview.


About @Nicodemus

I'm a Holmesian Christian, a former atheist, university lecturer and a husband of one wife.



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